Q – What is an Anime & Gaming Con? An Anime & Gaming is a fun and convention that takes place in the UK over two days (or sometimes on a special occasion three!) featuring everything from gaming, cosplay, anime, comics and more. In each city is is usually on an annual basis.

Q – What are the prices? Prices can be found on our Register Page. Registered Carers receive 50% off the entry price. Please email to add this to your registration.

Q – What are the opening and closing times? On Saturday and Sunday, VIP/Priority can enter at 10AM; Standard tickets booked online can enter at 11:30AM and On the day tickets will be sold at 12PM. You will not be allowed to queue more than 30 minutes before your ticket type is allowed to enter. Events end between 10PM to midnight depending on the day/convention, please check the timetable for exact times or ask our staff on the day of the event.

Q – What ages are allowed in? – All ages are allowed, but please note some events may contain adult themes and language intended for a more mature audience. It is the guardian’s responsibility if they wish to bring minors along to the event and we take no responsibility if any content is not suitable. – You MUST have ID and be 18+ if wish to be served at the bar. – Anyone under 16 must be accompanied with an adult. – Anyone under 18 may not attend the event past 8PM as the evening activities are 18+ only. Children under 8 years old recieve free entry. Anyone above this age needs a ticket. We don’t do individual child tickets.

Q – What are the entry times?

Friday – Enter from (Priority) 12pm  (Standard) 12:30pm

Saturday – Enter from (Priority) 10am (Standard) 12pm

Sunday – Enter from (Priority) 10am (Standard) 12pm

Q – What do I get if I pay beforehand? Entry is at 11:30AM (or 10AM for Priority and VIP tickets). Price is also less than on the door. Please note that it also guarantees your entry – we can not always guarantee tickets on the day.

Q – How can I be up to date with what’s happening at the event and/or any changes? You can download the phone app for both android and apple to see the latest timetables, maps, activities, easily sign up for events at the con and more! Make sure to download the animeleague phone app at for all the latest info.

Q – I have a problem, where do I go? To the Registrations Desk at the front of the building where you first come in. You can also download the app where you can make a voice call to our team via your phone or submit a written query/problem via our contact form on it.

Q – How and where do I sign up for events? You can signup to some events online. The information is on our Events Page. Most signups take place where the events are held unless otherwise stated (so you sign up for gaming tournaments in our Video Gaming area, stage events at the main stage, etc). Please ensure you arrive half an hour prior to the event or tournament and a member of staff will show you where to go or what to do.

Q – Is there a place to store my luggage/bags? Yes, when you go inside there is a bag storage area next to registrations. Cost is one pound per bag or item.

Q – Am I allowed to bring food and drink in? No, this is not allowed due to there being a licensed bar/restaurant on the premises.

Q – Do you allow Group Bookings for clubs/societies? Yes we do. A club/society booking has a considerable discount, getting your members in at up to 10% off the online price. Provided your club or society has a proof of existance (ie: website, fb group etc), then we will allow you to put in a group booking. Note that a club/society must also be regularly meeting up. A group booking requires a minimum of 10 people to be placed under it. Your society will be invoiced and will need to pay in one go for all it’s members (we allow BACS, paypal and cheque) by two weeks prior to the event. Thereafter simply hand us a namelist at any time before the event and your members will get in via providing proof of ID on the door as normal. To book, just email with your society’s name and proof of existance and how many you wish to book for.



Registering & Paying

Q – What is a Priority Member? A – For an extra £6, with Priority Tickets you get to enter the event at 10AM instead of 11:30AM, as well as two exclusive clan membership badges (worth £1 each) and 5 free Big Geek Raffle tickets worth £1 each.

Q – What is a VIP Member? A – VIP Membership is limited to 200 places. You get to enter the event at 10AM instead of 11:30AM, two exclusive printed clan membership badges with your personalised nickname on them (worth £4), a personalised VIP badge printed with your own nickname on, 10 Big Geek Raffle tickets (worth £5), a limited edition tote bag for the event worth £7 and your choice of poster worth £2. You are also able to attend the Guest Meet & Greet, which is exclusive to VIP membership only. Please see the event schedule for the day/time of the Meet & Greet. Make sure not to miss out!

Q – How Do I Pay for Anime & Gaming Con? Simply click the register link at the top right, fill in your details and click submit to be taken to the payment screen. You will then be asked to pay via paypal. Note you do not need a paypal account to do this, if you click it anyway, then if you don’t have an account, select the option “pay with a debit/credit card”. The link to pay will also be emailed to you upon registering, in the case that you wish to pay later.

Q – I don’t have PayPal, can I pay via other means? You can use PayPal to pay with a debit/credit card without registering for an account. This works exactly the same as a normal online transaction – all you need is your card number and security number, which you enter onto the PayPal website (we don’t have access to this or store it in any way). We offer payment via BACS bank transfer. Please email us on and we will provide details.

Q – Can I pay for someone else who isn’t associated with my account? Yes, please email us on stating who you’d like to pay for and how you wish to pay.

Q – I need a refund, how can I get one? If you wish to cancel your any aspect of your registration, we will offer a refund minus a £10 administration fee on entry when the refund is conducted 4 weeks beforehand. Within 4 weeks of the event, any refund will not be possible. We will allow transfers of your entry to someone else at any time up to one week prior to the event if you email us for no fee. Our full terms and conditions can be seen here:

Q – How do I present my ticket? A – Rather than printing your ticket, if possible we ask to bring it as a digital copy of your ticket on your mobile device (phone/tablet). If you don’t have these, bring proof of ID such as a driver licence, passport etc to get in as we will have your name on our system.



Lost Tickets

Help! I don’t have my ticket! If you have lost, misplaced or didn’t receive your ticket, then you can use our Lost Ticket Locator to find your tickets.


Arriving in & Collecting Wristbands on the Day

Q – I’ve paid, do you send me a ticket in the post? A – We send you a ticket via email, we are unable to send tickets through the post. Please bring this ticket along on the day to gain entry. If you have paid and haven’t received your ticket after 48 hours, please email us.

Q – How do I get there? A – Please check the travel page.

Q – Carparking? A – Please check the travel page

Q – Is there a number I can contact if I get lost? A – Feel free to call us on 07983 671948.

Q – Do I need ID? A – If you wish to stay after 8PM for the parties then must bring a proof of ID. If you don’t have ID then bring along your ticket to get into the daytime events. You won’t be allowed to stay after 8PM unless you clearly look over 18.

Q – What ID do you accept? A – To stay over 8PM, you MUST provide a proof of ID with your date of birth (and ideally a photo) on it to be able to enter. Valid forms of ID includes Passport, Drivers License, Citizens Card or any form of photo ID with a PASS logo on it (most student cards). If you lack this, we will accept a birth certificate or anything with your name on it such as a bank-card, provided you look 18 or older.

Q – How Do I Queue for My Wristband and get in? A – As you queue outside, our staff will walk through the queue with clipboards and wristbands asking for your ID, checking you off our list, and then issue your wristband, which will act as your proof of payment and entry – make sure not to lose or remove it! Once you have your wristband you do not need to queue and can go straight in. If you are issued with a two-day wristband and collected it on Saturday, you will not need to queue for a wristband again for Sunday – you can simply walk in once we open the doors.

Q – How do I collect my conbadge and t-shirt? A – If you’ve ordered these, Conbadges with printed names and t-shirts you can collect any time from the Animeleague merchandise desk between 10AM and 6PM.



Rules & Regulations

Q – What are the full Terms & Conditions to my attending Anime and Gaming Con? You can read them on registering and also read the Terms & Conditions Page.

Q – Is there a General Rules List for attendees? Yes, you can read that and ask questions about it here

Q – I’m cosplaying with a weapon that may be dangerous. Is this okay? A – Make sure to read the cosplaying rules here first. All weapons will be checked by the registrations team and if they consider it as a risk to others we will send you to Ops where it will be stored. If you going to be part of the cosplay masquerade you will be able to pick it up but must return it to us to look after.

Q – I need a refund, how can I get one? If you wish to cancel your any aspect of your registration, we will offer a refund minus a £10 administration fee on entry when the refund is conducted 4 weeks beforehand. Within 4 weeks of the event, any refund will not be possible. We will allow transfers of your entryto someone else at any time up to one week prior to the event if you email us for no fee. Our full terms and conditions can be seen here: